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This page provides supplementary information for a face-to-face course on the book of Isaiah taught on the campus of Johnson University (TN). The course emphasizes the message, setting, and structure of the book, as well as the connections between Isaiah and wider biblical themes.


Syllabus for Spring, 2019  

Schedule for Spring, 2019 (revised 3/26/2019)

Select Bibliography on Isaiah (adapted from materials prepared by Walt Zorn)

Rubric for grading session worksheets

Rubric for grading class paper prospectus

Rubric for grading class paper

Rubric for grading class presentation

Paper Prospectus example

Outline of Sessions

The following outline presents the general shape of the study. Consult the schedule above (under "Key Documents") to align session numbers with your specific classroom experience. While the outline below is fixed, the schedule above may be adjusted as the semester unrolls. 

Two links appear under each session. The first ("Preview") offers thumbnail sketches, goals, assignments and resources that correspond with classroom presentations. The second ("Worksheet") represents a page to be printed, completed, and brought to the classroom on the day it is due. Again, consult the schedule posted above for all due dates. 

A. INTRODUCTion to the Prophetic phenomenon

1.  Introduction to the Course

Preview to Session 1

Worksheet for Session 1 (Please complete and hold worksheets for sessions 1-4 until the time of our first classroom meeting.)

2.  The Hebrew Bible and the Prophetic Phenomenon

Preview to Session 2

Read “Prophecy, History of” in IVP’s Dictionary of the Old Testament Prophets. Link here.

Worksheet for Session 2

Memory work: 2 Peter 1:19-21

3.  Prophetic Communication

Preview to Session 3

Worksheet for Session 3

Memory work: Hebrews 1:1-2

4.  How the OT Reads Itself

Preview to Session 4

Worksheet for Session 4

Assigned Reading from Smith (2010: 139-148)

5. How the NT Reads the OT

Preview to Session 5

No worksheet for Session 5 (Bring Session 1-4 worksheets to class on this day).

6.  Prophetic Themes and the Study of Isaiah

Preview to Session 6

Worksheet for Session 6

Memory work: Isaiah 2:1-4

Study guide for Exam #1

B. The message of the Prophet Isaiah

7. Isaiah 1-2

Preview to Session 7

Worksheet for Session 7

Memory work: Isaiah 1:18-20

8. Isaiah 2-5

Preview to Session 8

Worksheet for Session 8

9. Isaiah 6

Preview to Session 9

Worksheet for Session 9

Memory work: Isaiah 6:6-8

10. Isaiah 7-8

Preview to Session 10

Worksheet for Session 10

Memory work: Isaiah 7:14-17

11. Isaiah 9-10

Preview to Session 11

Worksheet for Session 11

Memory work: Isaiah 9:6-7

12. Isaiah 11-12

Preview to Session 12

Worksheet for Session 12

13. Isaiah 13-23

Preview to Session 13

Worksheet for Session 13

14. Isaiah 24-35

Preview to Session 14

Worksheet for Session 14

Memory work: Isaiah 35:3-4

15. Isaiah 36-37

Preview to Session 15

Worksheet for Session 15

16. Isaiah 38-39

Preview to Session 16

Worksheet for Session 16

Memory work: Isaiah 50:10

study guide for exam #2

17. Isaiah 40-41

Preview for Session 17

Worksheet for Session 17

Memory work: Isaiah 40:1-5

18. Isaiah 42-48

Preview for Session 18

Worksheet for Session 18

19. Isaiah 49-52

Preview to Session 19

Worksheet for Session 19

Memory work: Isaiah 50:10

20. Isaiah 52-55

Preview to Session 20

Worksheet for Session 20

Memory work: Isaiah 53:4-6

21. Isaiah 56-59

Preview to Session 21

22. Isaiah 60-63

Preview to Session 22

Worksheet for Session 22

Memory work: Isaiah 61:1-3

23. Isaiah 64-66

Preview to Session 23

Worksheet for Session 23

Study guide for exam #3